Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


To assist you in choosing the physiotherapist that best suits your specific requirements, Bodysmart has an internal grading system to differentiate our Physiotherapists.? Grading facilitates a career progression and allows us to differentiate and promote our staff based on their experience and commitment to continued self development.? This helps us to retain the best physiotherapists in Perth that are committed to their profession and your health.

Our grading system starts at Level 1 and goes through to 10, with Level? 1 – New Graduate (0-1 year experience) up to Level 10 – Senior Physiotherapist (20+ years experience).


Anthony Gurr Level 3


Anthony Gurr is a competitive Triathlete who has a strong interest in Pilates inspired exercise, Running Analysis and correction and treating sports and office related ailments. Key Qualifications and Courses Anthony Gurr Physiotherapist Bachelors?of Science (Human Biology) at Curtin University Master of Physiotherapy at Curtin University DMA Clinical Pilates Dry Needling Course (APA) Level 1 Running Coach (Athletics Australia) Spinal Injury Management (Sports Medicine Australia) Key [...]


Matt Fulco Level 4


Through the completion of extensive post graduate professional development, Matt Fulco demonstrates a very high level of knowledge and skill for his age. He has a very well-rounded skill set that enables him to accurately assess and diagnose a vast range of injuries and implement the best evidence based treatments available. Key Qualifications and Courses Matt Fulco Physiotherapist Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy, Curtin University Anatomical Acupuncture (Intro and Advanced Upper Quadrant) Func[...]

Le Wang_Bodysmart_Physiotherapist

Le Wang Level 4


Le is a well-rounded Physiotherapist with extensive experience in treatment of headaches, neck and back pain as well as sports injuries.? She has a strong interest in rehabilitation post injury using Pilates inspired exercises and also health promotion through exercise classes. Le is experienced in the field of Ergonomics and workplace health. Key Qualifications and Courses Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy, Curtin University (2007) Myofascial Dry Needling (2007) Watsons Headache and Migraine Cou[...]


Louise Murtagh Level 6


Louise is a well-rounded senior Physiotherapist with extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of headaches, neck and back pain, and workplace related ailments. She has vast?knowledge in the field of Ergonomics and workplace health. Louise has a strong interest and passion in using Pilates inspired and other rehabilitative exercise? as an effective form of treatment to restore optimal body conditioning and function.? Key Qualifications and Courses Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy, Curtin U[...]


Christian Eyres Level 6


Through extensive participation in a diverse range of sport at a high level, Christian has honed strong skills in the field of using corrective exercise to improve movement and strength with his clients. Christian is passionate about finding the root cause of your issue, settling the issue and correcting the movement patterns to cement a long term solution. ???   Key Qualifications and Courses Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy, Curtin University Myofascial Dry Needling Mat Pilates Level 1[...]


Luke Hollings Level 6


Luke Hollings completed his Physiotherapy degree at Curtin University and has since worked in the private practice setting. Over this time Luke has worked with a vast array of patients from differing backgrounds, from amateur to professional athletes, to the workplace setting where he provided physiotherapy for QANTAS staff at the Perth domestic terminal. Over the course of his career Luke has built on skills in Dry needling, Musculoskeletal and exercise therapy, using these to ensure the best outcome for h[...]


Katie Slipper Level 7


Katie Slipper?is a highly experienced Physiotherapist with a strong interest in the hands on treatment of neck and back pain as well as sports injuries.? Katie has a strong interest in using Pilates inspired exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate her clients post injury. Katie is also a strong advocate of using exercise as a way of maintaining her clients health and reducing the recurrence of injury.? Katie practices what she preaches, working on her own exercise training 2-3 times per week. As a new mum [...]


Mike Masiello Level 9


Mike is the Principal Physiotherapist at Bodysmart and?has a diverse set of experience in the treatment of neck, back and shoulder pain, post operative rehabilitation, sporting injuries and ergonomics. Mike also manages a range of Corporate Health Programs and runs customised Manual Handling training across the state.??   Key Qualifications and Courses Bachelors Degree in Physiotherapy, Curtin University, 1998 (with Honours) Graduate Diploma in Business, Curtin University Member of the AP[...]


Bodysmart has two fully qualified and experienced Chiropractors at our Perth CBD based practice. ?Our Chiropractors provide safe and effective chiropractic treatment.


Dr Case Sinclair Bsc BHScHons BScChiro BChiro


Dr Case Sinclair is an experienced Chiropractor performing over 10,000 treatments within Perth Western Australia. Dr Sinclair relieves back, neck and other joint pain using an evidence based approach; combining traditional manual manipulation and low force techniques with a?blend of targeted trigger point massage therapy, assisted stretching and vibration therapy. Dr Sinclair has a special interest in the treatment of chronic shoulder problems and jaw associated neck and headache pain. He also has extens[...]


Dr Simon Parker B.ScMed Sci, MChiro

Simon commenced his path to becoming a Chiropractor in 1991 after having amazing first hand results through chiropractic care. He completed his studies in 1993 and therefore has over 23 years experience including practice in Sydney, USA and UK. He has extensive experience in the treatment of neck and back stiffness and pain, referred nerve pain and headaches. Simon has a keen interest in the management of tendinopathic injuries. Simon is an avid windsurfer and has competed several times in the Ledge to L[...]

Remedial Massage Therapists

Bodysmart boasts two amazingly qualified and experienced Remedial Massage Therapists.? Our Perth based Massage Therapists will tailor a massage customised to your needs.? Health Fund rebates can be obtained for massages at Bodysmart if you have cover for Remedial Massage.


Manuel Rodriguez

Remedial Massage Therapists

After a rock climbing accident resulted in an ankle injury, Manuel used massage as part of his rehabilitation and was amazed at the effect the manual therapy had on his recovery. Subsequently, he studied at Meadowbank TAFE in Sydney graduating in 1998. In order to focus on a more balanced work/life ratio he decided to leave Sydney and relocated to Perth where he began working with a range of Physiotherapy and Chiropractic clinics. Manuel is experienced in managing and preventing musculoskeletal complaints r[...]


Elena Cabrera

Remedial Massage Therapists

Remedial massage therapist Elena brings to Bodysmart over 12 years of remedial massage therapy experience. Elena has a special interest in the treatment of neck, shoulder and back pain in office workers. Elena also enjoys helping clients with reducing stress related tension, lymphatic drainage, sports and with pregnancy related massage. The benefits of prenatal massage performed during pregnancy can decrease pain associated with common musculo-skeletal conditions e.g. muscle aches, join pain (hip and sacroi[...]


Liana Nici

Sports Dietitian Nutritionist Perth CBD

Liana has extensive experience and a special interest in?general, clinical and sports related?health and nutrition. Striving to find the balance between life, food and fitness lead Liana to find her?passion for helping others establish their?balance as well as a positive relationship between food and health.?Dietitian Nutritionist Perth CBD Liana Nici Key Qualifications and Courses?Dietitian Nutritionist Perth CBD Liana Nici Accredited Practicing Dietitian (Master of Dietetics- Curtin University, Dieti[...]



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